Aggressive V-plows

Throwing joint plows with a sturdy structure, good lubrication points and high-quality surface treatment. Includes electric valves and Hardox wear blades. All common tractor and loader adapters are available for the plows.

Working widths of joint plows 

• Light models: 1500mm, 1800mm and 2000mm 

• Medium models: 2600mm, 2800mm, 3000mm and 3300mm 

• Heavy models: 3600mm and 4000mm

Standard equipment of joint plows (depending on the model)

• Spring-loaded wear resistant blades

 • Shock-absorbing float for quick coupler

 • Adjustable support legs 

• 4-function electric valve, hydraulics with 2 hoses 

• Complete electrical kit for the machine cabin, including ready-made switches for plow electricity. Power supply from cigarette lighter.

• Pressure accumulators and shock valves 

• LED edge light set

Throwing joint plows with a sturdy structure, good lubrication points…


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Levyn korkeus
5681Pronar Aggressive V-plow PUV-2000M 3-piste CAT I/02000 mm1700 mm55/6530187 kg
5694Pronar Aggressive V-plow PUV-2600M 3-Piste/Cat II2630 mm2210 mm75/9030680 kg
5682Pronar Aggressive V-plow PUV-2600M Euro25720978/8535680 kg
5683Pronar Aggressive V-plow PUV-2800M Euro25720978/8535700 kg
5695Pronar Aggressive V-plow PUV-2800M Volvo L3025720978/8535700 kg
5696Pronar Aggressive V-plow PUV-3000M 3-Piste/Cat II25720978/8535730 kg
5684Pronar Aggressive V-plow PUV-3000M Euro25720978/8535730 kg
5715Pronar Aggressive V-plow PUV-3000M without coupling25720978/8535730 kg
5697Pronar Aggressive V-plow PUV-3300M 3-Piste/Cat II25720978/8535860 kg
5685Pronar Aggressive V-plow PUV-3300M Euro25720978/8535860 kg
5704Pronar Aggressive V-plow PUV-3300M Volvo BM25720978/8535860 kg
5716Pronar Aggressive V-plow PUV-3300M without coupling25720978/8535860 kg
5701Pronar Aggressive V-plow PUV-3600HD 3-Piste/Cat II25720978/85351025 kg
5686Pronar Aggressive V-plow PUV-3600HD Euro25720978/85351025 kg
5698Pronar Aggressive V-plow PUV-3600HD Volvo BM25720978/85351025 kg
5717Pronar Aggressive V-plow PUV-3600HD without coupling.25720978/85351025 kg
5702Pronar Aggressive V-plow PUV-4000HD 3-Piste/Cat II25720978/85351025 kg
5702Pronar Aggressive V-plow PUV-4000HD 3-Piste/Cat II25720978/85351025 kg
5687Pronar Aggressive V-plow PUV-4000HD Euro25720978/85351025 kg
5699Pronar Aggressive V-plow PUV-4000HD Volvo Bm25720978/85351025 kg
5718Pronar Aggressive V-plow PUV-4000HD without coupling25720978/85351025 kg
6082Pronar Nivelaura PUV-2000M-30°25720978/8535187 kg
5692Pronar V-plow frame 3-piste CAT I/025720978/8535187 kg
5693Pronar V-plow frame 3-piste CAT II25720978/8535100 kg
5688Pronar V-plow frame Euro25720978/8535100 kg
5689Pronar V-plow frame Tyhjä25720978/8535100 kg
5690Pronar V-plow frame Volvo BM25720978/8535100 kg
5691Pronar V-plow frame Volvo L3025720978/8535100 kg