Latenkone has a wide range of machines for sale and rent. Our company’s
operation includes selling, renting and importing machines, and also
equipment sale as a growing part. We do upkeeping in our own garage, so
the machines are always in a good condition for work. We try to offer a
big variety of machines to sell and rent, and we also expand our
equipment when needed. Check out our sale- and rentmachines. We also
manage a delivery with our own equipment. You’ll find manlifts,
excavators, loaders, solid and rotating telehandlers, rollers, forklifts
and dumpers from our work machine selection. From our light-weight
equipment you’ll find compacting machines, generators, light towers,
portable compressors, lawnmowers, skeleton buckets, portable
distribution boxes and extension cords. There’s solid telehandlers from 7m lift height to 17m lift height. Our machine selection also contains rotating telehandlers with 25m lift height and good equipment. Machines’ equipment vary based on the machine. Check out the selection and choose the best machine for you.

Latenkone has a wide range of machines for sale and…


Suurin nostokyky
4109JCB 535-12512,5 m8,0m3500 kg20 km/h10880 kg
4405JCB 535-12512,5 m8,0 m3500 kg9720 kg
4403JCB 540-18017,5 m13,3 m4000 kg20 km/h11380 kg
3918Merlo MPR1510800 kg
2753Merlo ROTO 40.25MCSS with basket, remote, jib25 m22,7 m4000 kg20 km/h15450 kg
1462Merlo Roto 40.25MCSS with basket and jib25 m22,7 m4000 kg40 km/h15450 kg
4380JCB JIB 2000 hydraulinen jibivinssi400 kg