Snow buckets

Snow buckets from our big selection. Also frontloader’s buckets for many other purposes. Our sleectin has buckets with many widths and in several size classes. Snow buckets and frontloader’s buckets in our stock come with EURO- and/or VILA-adapter. Other adapters are available with a delivery time of 7 days. Bucket’s rear shape is circular. Because of that bucket fills faster and materials getting stuck is reduced. Inside of the bucket is rounded and the outside has as sharp corner, and they together form a hingeless structure.

Buckets’ features
  • 16 mm or 20 mm Hardox 500 wear edge makes sure that the snow bucket lasts even in a tough use.
  • The buckets have vertical bottom rails in the direction of travel (2-8 pieces depending on the model).
  • Rear panel has been inclined at 10 degree angle to achieve better work angles
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Snow buckets from our big selection. Also frontloader's buckets for…