Leveling buckets

Leveling lawns and fields is fast and efficient with a grading bucket.
Wide working width and flat base guarantee fast and high-quality work.
Attachments available for Valtra-Vila, Volvo L30, L20, Kramer, Kunta 500 and Volvo BM. Working widths 180-320cm.
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Leveling lawns and fields is fast and efficient with a…


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Leveys (mm)
Syvyys (mm)
Korkeus (mm)
Tilavuus (m3)
Ainevahvuus (mm)
4399LMG Leveling bucket 120cm Euro12508504200,255149 kg
4400LMG Leveling bucket 130cm Euro13508904700,285157 kg
4401LMG Leveling bucket 150cm Euro15508904200,335186 kg
4365LMG Leveling bucket 160cm Euro16008904200,355182 kg
4366LMG Leveling bucket 180cm Euro18508504200,455212 kg
4824LMG Leveling bucket 185cm without coupling185011506001,06305 kg
4821LMG Leveling bucket 225cm without coupling225011506001,06305 kg
4822LMG Leveling bucket 225cm Volvo Bm225011506001,06305 kg
3779LMG Leveling bucket 250cm without coupling258011705802.010384 kg
1470Volvo Leveling bucket 265cm 2000L 10-12ton HW265015007602,010915 kg
3780LMG Leveling bucket 275cm Volvo BM284014306902,210790 kg
1469Volvo Leveling bucket 280cm 2400L 12-18ton HW280015007602,4101000 kg
1471Volvo Leveling bucket 300cm 2600L 18-22ton HW300015007602,6101010 kg
2719Laten Leveling bucket 300cm Volvo300014206602,410950 kg
2912Volvo Leveling bucket 320cm 2800L 20-22ton HW320015007602,8101090 kg