Small portable pumps

Our selection contains gas-, diesel- and electric power pumps, three different kinds. There’s movable pumps for demanding use. These small movable pumps are made for tough environment. They work excellent when it comes to pumping from water that is muddy or contains big solid objects. Regardless their extreme durability, these pumps are as easy to move as any other model from the selection of small pumps. – Recirculation of bentonite and drilling mud – Sludge removal – Pumping sewage or other liquids containing fibrous material – Pumping cutting or dressing water circulation in stone industries – Cleaning manholes.

Our selection contains gas-, diesel- and electric power pumps, three…


Maksimi teho L/Min
Maksimi nostoteho m
Maksimi raekoko mm
4728Atlas Copco VAR 1-110 Water pumpBensaVetokäynnistys416242026 kg
4729Atlas Copco VAR 2-100 Water pumpBensaVetokäynnistys56622,51741 kg
4730Atlas Copco ETP 50B Water pumpBensaVetokäynnistys830282734 kg
4731Atlas Copco ETP 80B Water pumpBensaVetokäynnistys1500283876 kg
4732Atlas Copco ETP 100B Water pumpBensaVetokäynnistys2500294085 kg
4733Atlas Copco ETP 100D Hatz Water pumpDieselVetokäynnistys25002940121 kg
4734Atlas Copco LB 80B Water pumpBensaVetokäynnistys325155074 kg
4735Atlas Copco LB 80D Water pumpDieselVetokäynnistys325155092 kg