Sorting buckets

The skeleton bucket is suitable for screening soil material and separating stones. The skeleton bucket conveniently removes tuffets and stones when working on green areas. You can sieve soil, sand, gravel, stones and for example biowaste. Skeleton bucket is a great tool for making forest roads and hide pipe lines. Our selection’s affordable skeleton buckets have a simple, easy-maintained structure.
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The skeleton bucket is suitable for screening soil material and…


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Leveys (mm)
Syvyys (mm)
Korkeus (mm)
Tilavuus (m3)
Ainevahvuus (mm)
Seulaväli (mm)
4634LMG Sorting bucket 900mm S30/180900650550308098 kg
2336Laten Sorting bucket 1100mm without coupling TF1100720450555130 kg
2109Laten Sorting bucket 1100mm S40 TF´1100720450555130 kg
4632LMG Sorting bucket 1100mm S4011006505503080126 kg
2387Laten Sorting bucket 1300mm without coupling TF130085065055215 kg
3874Laten Sorting bucket 1300mm S40 TF´130085065055204 kg
2110Laten Sorting bucket 1300mm S45 TF´130085065055215 kg
4633LMG Sorting bucket 1300mm S4513008080550650180 kg
2339Laten Sorting bucket 1500mm without coupling TF´15006055650350900250 kg
2338Laten Sorting bucket 1500mm S45 TF´15006055650350900250 kg
3089Laten Sorting bucket 1500mm Lännen LE TF15006055650350900250 kg
4538Terästyö Salminen Sorting bucket 1050mm S4510508080700900240 kg
5620Laten Sorting bucket 1500mm S60 TF15006055650350900250 kg
4539Terästyö Salminen Sorting bucket 1200mm NTP1012001001001100700 kg
580Laten Sorting bucket 1800mm NTP10180080908009301300650 kg
4540Terästyö Salminen Sorting bucket 1200mm S60120010010010001100650 kg
2079Laten Sorting bucket 1800mm S60180080908009301300650 kg
4541Terästyö Salminen Sorting bucket 1200mm S70.12001001001100700 kg
1853Laten Sorting bucket 1800mm S70180080908009301300650 kg
3556Laten Sorting bucket 1800mm NTP20/30180080908009301300700 kg