V-form buckets

V-form bucket is a perfect bucket for making field- and road ditches. There’s wear edge, sideblades and HARDOX wear pad in the buckets. Buckets come with a wear edge, fixed claws or separate CAT-claws. V-form bucket is available for 1,5-18ton machines with all the common attachments.

V-form bucket is a perfect bucket for making field- and…


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Yläleveys mm
Huulileveys mm
Korkeus mm
Syvyys mm
1727Laten V-ditch bucket 140L S30/150 1-3ton110020063040055 kg
1728Laten V-ditch bucket 140L S30/180 1-3ton110020063040055 kg
1624Laten V-ditch bucket 140L without coupling 1-3ton110020063040055 kg
1619Laten V-ditch bucket 200L S40 3-4ton130022073050090 kg
2141Laten V-ditch bucket 200L without coupling 3-4ton130022073050090 kg
2260Laten V-ditch bucket 300L S40 5-8ton1670300710900220 kg
555Laten V-ditch bucket 300L S45 5-8ton1670300710900220 kg
406Laten V-ditch bucket 300L without coupling 5-8ton1670300710900220 kg
968Laten V-ditch bucket 400L S45 8-10ton17003001080950250 kg
1851Laten V-ditch bucket 400L Lännen LE 8-10ton17003001080950250 kg
3402Laten V-ditch bucket 400L GJ300 8-10ton17003001080950250 kg
969Laten V-ditch bucket 400L without coupling 8-10ton17003001080950230 kg
460Laten V-ditch bucket 550L NTP10 10-13ton205030012001100415 kg
1412Laten V-ditch bucket 550L S60 10-13ton205030012001100415 kg
713Laten V-ditch bucket 550L Miller 65 10-13ton205030012001100415 kg
650Laten V-ditch bucket 550L without coupling 10-13ton205030012001100415 kg
279Laten V-ditch bucket 850L NTP10 13-18ton235030013701550590 kg
502Laten V-ditch bucket 850L S60 13-18ton235030013701550605 kg
3828Laten V-ditch bucket 850L NTP20/30 15-24ton235030013701550590 kg
611Laten V-ditch bucket 850L Miller 65 13-18ton235030013701550590 kg
1413Laten V-ditch bucket 850L without coupling 13-18ton235030013701550590 kg
277Laten V-ditch bucket 850L NTP10 13-18ton CAT-tooth235030013701550605 kg
2237Laten V-ditch bucket 850L S60 13-18ton CAT-tooth235030013701550605 kg
4097Laten V-ditch bucket 850L S70 13-18ton CAT-tooth235030013701550610 kg
2377Laten TVL-ditch bucket 450L NTP10 10-16ton235030013001350520 kg