U-form buckets

Traditional rounded U-form buckets from Latenkone. U-form bucket is the best option for digging ditches in forest. We are selling 500-900L U-form buckets with several attachment options from Latenkone’s own brand. 

Traditional rounded U-form buckets from Latenkone. U-form bucket is the…


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Yäleveys mm
Huulileveys mm
Korkeus mm
Syvyys mm
916Rinne U-ditch bucket S30-15060015543 kg
298Rinne U-ditch bucket S4011503001000950150 kg
299Rinne U-ditch bucket S4515502701100620230 kg
2903Rinne U-ditch bucket without coupling 6-10ton15502701100620230 kg
273Laten U-ditch bucket 500L NTP10155030012501350500460 kg
274Laten U-ditch bucket 500L S60155030012501350500460 kg
649Laten U-ditch bucket 500L Miller 65155030012501350500460 kg
1414Laten U-ditch bucket 500L without coupling155030012501350550460 kg
2056Laten U-ditch bucket 700L NTP10173030012501450700579 kg
1854Laten U-ditch bucket 700L S60173030012501450700579 kg
2517Laten U-ditch bucket 700L without coupling173030012501450700579 kg
297Rinne U-ditch bucket 800L NTP10179030014001100800500 kg
504Rinne U-ditch bucket 800L Miller 65800500 kg
804Niskakangas U-ditch bucket 800L NTP10183030013001250800680 kg
6219Eurosteel U-ditch bucket 900L NTP10187030013001650900710 kg
275Laten U-ditch bucket 900L NTP10187030013001650900710 kg
276Laten U-ditch bucket 900L S60187030013001650900710 kg
4096Laten U-ditch bucket 900L S70187030013001650900740 kg
610Laten U-ditch bucket 900L Miller 65187030013001650900710 kg
1415Laten U-ditch bucket 900L without coupling187030013001650900710 kg
1646Niskakangas U-ditch bucket 900L NTP10200030013601250900740 kg
3973Niskakangas U-ditch bucket 1000L NTP101000870 kg