Latenkone has a wide range of machinery to sell and rent. We sell, rent
and import used machines, and also equipment sale as a growing part. We
do overhauls in our own garage, so the machines are always in a good
shape for work. We attempt to offer a big variety of sales- and
rentmachines and we expand our equipment selection based on needs. Check
out our machinery selection. We offer a transportation flexibly with
our own vehicles. You’ll find manlifts, excavators, loaders, solid and
rotating telehandlers, press wheels, forklifts and dumpers from
workmachine selection. You’ll find plate compactors, generators, light
towers, portable compressors, lawnmowers, skeleton buckets, electric
distribution boards and extension cords from lighter machinery’s
selection. We have articulated boom lifts, scissorlifts and lifts which
are towable with cars. There’s indoor and outdoor scissor lifts. Bigger scissorlifts are diesel-driven, but we also have smaller battery-working scissorlifts. Lifting heights 6m to 15m. Please notice, that we also rent our machines, so check if the
machine is available in Tuuri. Call and ask more!
Scissorlifts are manlifts, which allow a safe lift upwards. Small horizontal reaches are possible depending on scissorlift’s model. Choose the scissorlift based on your purpose; smaller, battery-working scissorlift is for indoors, but you’ll need sturdier 4WD with support legs outdoors. When choosing a scissorlift, pay attention to how many people are meant to lift at once, or does the lifted person need many equipment with them. Scissorlift’s speciality is its ability to move and be moved, even when the platform is up. Some scissorlifts can even be driven by the lifted person. That makes the working efficient, when the transition time can be minimized.
Scissorlift’s name comes from the ability to pack the lifting mechanism for storage handily. Check out the selection of scissorlifts and contact us if you need any help with choosing the best scissorlift for you. You are also welcome to visit Tuuri and choose your favorite!

Latenkone has a wide range of machinery to sell and…


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4373JLG 4394RT 4×415 mKyllä680 kgDiesel6600 kg
6191Almac Bibi 1090 BL EVO10 m300 kgDiesel2830 kg
6191Almac Bibi 1090 BL EVO10 m300 kgDiesel2830 kg