Snow buckets

Snow buckets from a comprehensive selection. The selection includes buckets with many widths and in several size classes. In-stock snow buckets are offered with the most common adapters. Other adapters are available quickly with a delivery time of about a week. The shape of the back of the bucket is round. This is why the bucket fills better, reducing the sticking of materials. The rounding of the inside of the bucket and the sharper angle on the outside form a structure-stiffening casing.

Features of the buckets:

• 16 mm or 20 mm Hardox 500 lip plate ensures that the snow bucket can withstand heavy use. 

• The buckets have longitudinal bottom rails in the direction of travel. 

Also check out Latenkone’s general purpose buckets ja gravel buckets.

Snow buckets from a comprehensive selection. The selection includes buckets…


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Leveys (mm)
Syvyys (mm)
Korkeus (mm)
Tilavuus (m3)
Ainevahvuus (mm)
6109LMG Snow bucket 200cm Volvo L30205014001204612 kg
5980Laten Snow bucket 200cm/1,7m3 Volvo L30 HW2000120011001,76440 kg
6110LMG Snow bucket 230cm Volvo L302350140012004676 kg
5571LMG Wheel loader snow bucket 240cm/1,7m3 Volvo L302400102011501,665420 kg
4752LMG Wheel loader snow bucket 240cm/1,7m3 Volvo Bm2400102011501,665440 kg
3942Volvo Snow bucket 240cm/2.8m32400130213412,85626 kg
6111LMG Snow bucket 250cm Volvo Bm2550140012004750 kg
6112LMG Snow bucket 255cm / 3,7m3 Volvo Bm255017801473,74933 kg
3943Volvo Snow bucket 260cm/3m326001322135335672 kg
4753LMG Wheel loader snow bucket 270cm/1,9m3 Volvo Bm2700102011501,865466 kg
5651Rinne Snow bucket 270cm/ 3m3 Volvo BM270017015036
3944Volvo Snow bucket 270cm/4m327001548148546845 kg
6113LMG Snow bucket 275cm / 4m3 Volvo Bm275017801470441022 kg
3945Volvo Snow bucket 285cm/5.5m32850178517415,561214 kg
4763LMG Snow bucket 300cm30009007904
6114LMG Snow bucket 305cm / 4,5m3 Volvo Bm3050178014704,541101 kg
3946Volvo Snow bucket 315cm/7.5m33150194919007,581555 kg