Energy storage systems

ZBP and ZBE take up only 1,5m2 space which means that they are 70% smaller and lighter than normal generators. Smaller size is enabled with lithium-ion batteries, and exactly that makes those machines so multipurposal. The service life of these effective energy storage systems is over 40 000 hours, which aims to a very low total cost.
All medium and big energy storage systems work in hybrid mode and also independently, and especially ZBP and ZBE are made for certain purposes. Thanks to their size and capacity, they suit well in distant telecommunication needs, and in city construction they can be used to smooth usage peaks and low loads. These energy storage systems can also be used in exhaustless and noise sensitive environment, where generators shouldn’t be. Of course ZBP and ZBE can also store energy from renewable resources.
ZBC-models can be connected to renewable resources, such as solar panels, for instant or later use. They also manage to work as “brains” for a micro-grid, when they store and operate energy from different sources and control the loads of micro-grid.

ZBP and ZBE take up only 1,5m2 space which means that…


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