Hi Tip buckets

Hi-tipping bucket, a tilting bucket which makes it easy to dump light materials (for example woodchips, peat, coal etc.) over the high borders of lorries and silos.
Hi-tipping buckets are available in sizes 2m3 to up to 10m3. Buckets in stock are usually with Volvo-adapters, but they are also available with many different adapters.
Check them out in the website or visit Tuuri to see the big buckets in real life.

Hi-tipping bucket, a tilting bucket which makes it easy to…


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Leveys (mm)
Syvyys (mm)
Korkeus (mm)
Tilavuus (m3)
Ainevahvuus (mm)
Kippausakseli (mm)
4618Rinne Hi Tip bucket 2,5m3 without coupling2250130013502,5645750 kg
4617Rinne Hi Tip bucket 2,5m3 Volvo2250130013502,5645830 kg
1852Rinne Hi Tip bucket 3m3 Volvo2500135015003645868 kg
756Rinne Hi Tip bucket 4m3 Volvo26501520150046451068 kg
5056Hytera Hi Tip bucket 4.5m3 Volvo BM6-10275070/40451300 kg
1064Rinne Hi Tip bucket 5.5m3 Volvo3060180017005.56501610 kg
414Rinne Hi Tip bucket 6.5m3 Volvo3060205018006,56501700 kg
1065Rinne Hi Tip bucket 7.5m3 Volvo3600180020507,56501940 kg
5057Hytera Hi Tip bucket 7.5m3 Volvo BM6-10300080/50502250 kg
5058Hytera Hi Tip bucket 9m3 Volvo BM6-10300080/50502500 kg
1771Rinne Hi Tip bucket 10m3 Volvo360018002050106502140 kg