WEDA submersible pumps

Weda pumps are now available in the Latenkone product range. There are two models of submersible pumps and mud pumps in stock.  Pumps can be found at 230V and 400V voltage.

The WEDA dewatering pumps work with the best possible performance and efficiency in treating both clean and dirty water. Portable electric submersible pumps are used for the dewatering of construction sites, mines and floodplains, among other things. The pumps are designed for handling liquids containing abrasive particles.
WEDA mud pumps are capable of handling thick, soft, wet mud or other similar viscous mixtures of liquids and solids, especially products generated by industrial or processing processes. Applications include tank cleaning, ditch and pond cleaning and quarrying when the materials to be pumped include water containing sludge, mud or thin slurry.
WEDA pumps have the best-selling models in stock. Other models can be inquired about so let’s see what kind of schedule would be available to deliver the products.

Weda pumps are now available in the Latenkone product range.…


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