Adapters convert your bucket or equipment to fill your needs. Adapter needs to be welded or bolted to bucket.
Latenkone’s selection has many different adapters for loaders. Most of our products are available straight from stock quickly.

Adapters convert your bucket or equipment to fill your needs.…

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Asennusleveys (mm)
Ylä- ja alakiinnikkeen etäisyys (mm)
Yläkiinnikkeen halkaisija (mm)
Alakiinnikkeen halkaisija (mm)
3761– 3-piste Couplings22 kg
1712– EURO Couplings73530014 kg
1931– ISME Couplings64536515 kg
1037– Kunta 500 Couplings 25mm96047020 kg
1932– Quicke/Ålö Couplings90023014 kg
3932– Trima kallistettu Couplings70032520 kg
1933– Trima Couplings70032512 kg
915– Valtra/VILA Couplings100242014 kg
1734Atlas AR35 Couplings 25mm9603109 kg
1735Atlas AR60 ja AR65 Couplings 25mm86031013 kg
1736Atlas AR95 Couplings 25mm20 kg
2678Avant Couplings 300-700 sarja hitsattu4252255 kg
1930Avant Couplings 300-700 sarja irto4253 kg
5580Kova Couplings42510 kg
1660Bobcat Telehandler Couplings78057050 kg
1929Bobcat Skidsteer Couplings8004034 kg
3929Bobcat Skidsteer Couplings umpipäädyllä80040324 kg
1198Caterpillar Couplings 25mm53050543 kg
2551Claas Scorpion Couplings96043528 kg
3405Dieci I 390mm Couplings1040390
3406Dieci II 350mm Couplings1040350
3333Faresin Couplings 25mm69545022 kg
1733Giant Couplings56031019 kg
2862Gjerstad Couplings 30mm94042030 kg
2788Green Master 320 Couplings 20mm6832848 kg
2790Green Master 380B Couplings 25mm kallistettu83034518 kg
2789Green Master 380B Couplings 25mm suora83034515 kg
3399Haulotte Couplings680350
3003JCB 2CX Couplings615493
1588JCB 2CX Couplings61249332 kg
3004JCB 406 ja 407 Couplings 25mm
3007JCB 409 Couplings 25mm
1183JCB 520 Couplings 25mm54027110 kg
3005JCB 525 Couplings 30mm54025025 kg
1184JCB 526 Couplings 30mm
832JCB Kartio Couplings107037525 kg
3930JCB Kartio Couplings HD malli107037543 kg
431JCB Q-fit Couplings 25mm100060020 kg
3962JCB TLT35D Couplings680420
1613Kramer 180 and 350 Couplings 20mm3102509 kg
4412Kramer 380-580, 750-1150 15° kallistettu87028028 kg
1074Kramer 380-580, 750-1150 Couplings 25mm87028028 kg
1674Kramer 880 Couplings 25mm970435
1651Manitou Couplings74535045 kg
2870Merlo ZM2 EASY kurottajan Couplings10643868 kg
3931Merlo ZM2 kurottajan pikakiinnike hitsattu Couplings106438628 kg
1530Merlo ZM2 kurottajan Couplings1064386
2608New Holland kurottajan Couplings77035020 kg
2093Padagas Hiekoituskauha Volvo BM Couplings970435
2523Padagas Pultattava Euro Couplings735300