Hydraulic pallet forks

Hydraulic pallet forks are made for especially front loaders, but they also fit other work machines. Other names for pallet forks are crane fork, bar type pallet fork and shaft style pallet fork – depending on pallet fork’s features and model. You get only the most high-quality pallet forks from us, and they aren’t cabable for only contracting but also for professional use.
You’ll find pallet forks with 2500-8000 kg tonnage from Latenkone. If you need bigger carrying capacity, check out our mechanical pallet forks. The most common adapters for our pallet forks are Caterpillar, JCB, Kramer, Volvo and Manitou. We also manufacture our own lifters and forks, which can be ordered with all common adapters or even without an adapter.
Check out our selection’s attachments, such as interlocking devices.
Bring your old attachment and change it to a new one! We forward used pallet forks, which are quality checked before resale. We also manage to offer an affordable financing for new machines.
Get to know the selection of pallet forks, or come to Tuuri’s office to see them yourself.

Hydraulic pallet forks are made for especially front loaders, but…


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Kantavuus (kg)
Kelkkaleveys (mm)
Haarukan pituus (mm)
Haarukan koko (mm/mm)
Haarukoiden kiinnitys
1108Laten Hydraulic Pallet Fork 2500kg 1200mm/1200mm 2A without coupling250012001200100×40FEM2A170 kg
2393Laten Hydraulic pallet fork 2500kg 1200mm/1200mm 2A S45250012001200100×40FEM2A185 kg
5050Laten Hydraulic pallet fork 2500kg 1200mm/1500mm 2A S45250012001500100×40FEM2A186 kg
1838Laten Hydraulic Pallet Fork 3500kg 1500mm/1200mm 3A without coupling350015001200125×50FEM3A259 kg
2433Laten Hydraulic pallet fork 3500kg 1500mm/1200mm 3A NTP10 Roto350015001200125×50FEM3A350 kg
1839Laten Hydraulic Pallet Fork 3500kg 1500mm/1500mm 3A without coupling350015001500125×50FEM3A289 kg
5005Laten Hydraulic pallet fork 3500kg 1500mm/1500mm 3A NTP10 Roto350015001500125×50FEM3A350 kg