Levelling plates

Levelling plate is an excellent tool for, for example, gentler sand and ground leveling and asphalt cleaning. With a rubber-edged levelling plate, the asphalt can be easily and quickly cleaned of sand and debris. The fine sand that remains on the surface is washed away by the rain. A multi-purpose leveling plate can be used throughout the year. It is also well suited for slush and low snow ploughing. The rubber blades on the leveling plate catch well even on a tight-fitting crushed surface. The edge panels on the leveling plate that have grown to the edge of the asphalt can also be removed effortlessly. Alignment board can be used in a variety of work machines, such as excavators, wheel loaders and tractors. Rubber blades, due to which it adapts to the shape of the surface, making working accurate and comfortable. Rubber blades do not scratch the asphalt unpleasantly, and do not put extra strain on the machine. In addition, the work is faster and more cost-effective than usual. In addition, the leveling plate is very long-lasting. Its blades can be turned upside down, doubling its service life.

Levelling plate is an excellent tool for, for example, gentler sand…


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