E-Air portable compressors

Atlas Copco’s E-Air VSD-compressor collection is such a game-changer when it comes to performance, energy-efficiency and diversity. The motor in E-Air VSD is emission-free, compact, energy-efficient and very quiet, and the compressors are easy to set up and use. Exhaustless, unrivaled efficiency, low noise level and plug-and-play-structure – E-Air can be used anywhere. Operating expenses are cut down by half.
E-Air VSD-compressor has a permanent magnet motor with variable speed drive, an electric motor, which is invincibly powerful and very quiet. The integrated permanent magnet motors in E-Air H250 VSD and E-Air H450 VSD are designed by Atlas Copco and they are made to be used outdoors. The windings in motor are potted in resin, which means that the motor is completely protected from water and dust (IP 66). The unique structure and variable speed drive in permanent magnet motor make sure that movable VSD-electric compressor is 50% more energy efficient than a fixed speed compressor in partial or unload conditions, the state compressors run 90% of their life.

Atlas Copco's E-Air VSD-compressor collection is such a game-changer when…