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Latenkone has a big variety of used equipment. We have buckets, quick-hitches, rippers, asphalt cutters, tires, plows, cylinders, brushes and much more. If the need for equipment isn’t that big, then you might want to ask for our used machines. You can also offer your old equipment in exchange. Call and ask more!

Find and make discoveries!Latenkone has a big variety of used…


5951Rinne Grading bucket 800mm S30/15055 kg
5903– Grading bucket 1000mm S40110 kg
5557Terästyö Salminen Grading bucket 1550mm S70 Roto600 kg
5902– Leveling bucket 2000mm S40220 kg
4107Hilltip Lamella brush bracket 530mm S40
2631– Deep excavation bucket 1300mm with tooth NTP-20600 kg
3753– Deep excavation bucket 1200mm NTP-20600 kg
4079Pome Deep excavation bucket 700mm Lännen tappi kiinnitys200 kg
5244– Deep excavation bucket 1050mm300 kg
3295x Deep excavation bucket 300mm with tooth S40150 kg
3798JCB 12.00-R24 kurottajan teollisuus renkaat 4kpl sarja
4748Uukunniemen metalli Front loader Standard duty bucket 145cm Euro
5780x Multi-Purpose bucket Volvo Bm335 kg
5456Hytera Standard duty bucket 2400mm Volvo BM335 kg
2934Volvo Standard duty bucket L40 2500mm
3914– Adapter bracket Miller-Geith 60mm irtileikattu30 kg
5912Laten 2500kg pallet fork Volvo L30167 kg
5909– Painepesurikärry
3880Laten V-ditch bucket 300L S40220 kg
5948LMG Hydrauliset trukkipiikit 5000kg 2000mm/1500mm Sivusiirto Volvo BM544 kg
5525Volvo Gravel bucket 285cm Volvo BM690 kg
5819Sami Rotary sweeper HW2200325 kg
4380JCB 2 Ton Jibi vinssi
4229Stark Grader GJ 2,41780 kg
5622Stark Multi-purpose snow clearing bucket 2100-3600 Volvo BM1193 kg
4871Niskakangas Tilting quick-hitch S60-S60 suojattu480 kg
4870Vahva K50 S60 Excavator grapple154 kg
5601x Diakonal Plows 330cm CAT II
4071Pome Cable plow 1000/100mm NTP20400 kg
1947Auramo750 kg
3393Laten Quick coupler NTP-10 mek.
4873PMC Quick coupler S60 mek.160 kg
4133Doosan/Daewoo Käyttämätön moottorin jäähdytin
5585x Pikaliitin S60160 kg
5452– Asphalt cutter Lännen Le160 kg
5849Goodyear Palapintarenkaat 20.5 R25 4kpl800 kg
4001– Root rake 450mm 3-piikkinen S-30/18050 kg
3301– Leveling bucket 900mm S3050 kg
4068– Trukin taka-akseli 16×6-8 valkoisilla renkailla
3799Continental 440/70R28 renkaat 4kpl
3795– Euro Grip 335/80 R20 rengas 2kpl80 kg
3804– Renkaat vanteilla 295/80 R22,5 3kpl300 kg
3805– Renkaat vanteilla 315/70 R22,5 3kpl
2751Continental 365/80R20 renkaat 3kpl
3806Dunlop 315/70 R22,5 renkaat 2kpl
3920– Volvo L30 / Kramer 380 combi Couplings irtileikattu30 kg
5414Avant 380/55 – 17 TR-renkaat vanteineen 4kpl
4840Padagas Profi H 2501 BH Collecting sweeper989 kg
4942Zappator Collecting sweeper Avant

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