Crane jibs

Crane jibs for different work machiens, such as tractors, telehandlers, small and big wheel loaders and forklifts.
Lifting capacity 2-5ton. Crane jib’s maximum length 3,5-5m. If needed, the beam can also be locked to different lengths, which makes the beam to not move during the work. Beam’s have a rotating liftinghook.
Our warehouse has crane jibs with most of the common adapters, but also without the adapter, which allows us to install the right adapter for your beam.
Take a look at Latenkone’s excavator’s crane jibs.
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Crane jibs for different work machiens, such as tractors, telehandlers,…

Kantavuus max.
Kantavuus jatkettuna
Pituus max.
Pituus min.
Lukittavat pituudet
2430Laten Crane jid 2ton Euro2000350352020255×380152 kg
1153Laten Crane jid 2ton ilman sovitetta2000350352020255×380138 kg
1910Laten Crane jid 3ton ilman sovitetta3000650500028507×430272 kg
1715Laten Forklift Crane jib2500200350020005×300167 kg
912Laten Forklift Crane jib 350cm450020034658705×380146 kg