Choose your excavator’s grapple from our selection based on your purposes. We sell grapples for all excavator work purposes, such as demolition, sorting and loading. High-class equipment makes working smooth and effortless. Different sized grapples are made for delicate work and for example Finnish Vahva-grapples manage loads up to 6000kg. Fill your grapple with separate attachments, such as several kinds of claws for different purposes to maximize your work rate and -quality.
By purchasing from Latenkone, we manage to offer you an affordable machine financig and attachment’s change – bring us your old machine and keep up your work with brand new!
Visit our place to check out our attachments for excavators, or contact us and ask more.

Choose your excavator's grapple from our selection based on your purposes. We…


5959Dala-Gripen Demolition grapple S701100430780450750700 kg
5957Dala-Gripen Kaivinkoneen grapple S30/150110043078045075060 kg
5958Dala-Gripen Kaivinkoneen grapple S401100430780450750105 kg
5958Dala-Gripen Kaivinkoneen grapple S401100430780450750105 kg
1603Laten Demolition grapple KH-11100430780450750150 kg
1604Laten Demolition grapple KH-2200 kg
1602Laten Demolition grapple KH-3130058011005501100300 kg
2320Laten Demolition grapple KH-600 NTP-10´130060011005501100410 kg
3667Vahva K15 S30/150 Excavator grapple121580725290860121 kg
3668Vahva K15 S30/180 Excavator grapple121580725290860121 kg
1290Vahva K15 S40 Excavator grapple121580725290860121 kg
2519Vahva K21 Lännen Le Excavator grapple136070750355905158 kg
1187Vahva KC21 E4 S45 Excavator grapple134590820375913154 kg
2679Vahva KC21 GJ300 Excavator grapple136070750355905158 kg
3450Vahva KC21 S45 Excavator grapple134590820375913166 kg
2342Vahva KC30 S45 Excavator grapple1690959604751025290 kg
5006Vahva KC36 Excavator grapple QS60 EC-Oil17709510055061090430 kg
1692Vahva KC36 NTP10 Excavator grapple17709510055061090410 kg
1744Vahva KC36 S60 Excavator grapple17709510055061090400 kg
5011Vahva KC46 Excavator grapple QS60-EC-Oil20001309305801195520 kg
5013Vahva KC46 Excavator grapple QS70-EC-Oil200013011305661195570 kg
2391Vahva KC46 NTP10 Excavator grapple200013011305661195500 kg
2383Vahva KC46 NTP20 Excavator grapple200013011305661195560 kg
3383Vahva KC46 S60 Excavator grapple200013011305661195515 kg
2384Vahva KC46 S70 Excavator grapple200013011305661195535 kg
1912Vahva KC36 E7 NTP10 Excavator grapple1780959556251050475 kg
5015Vahva KC36 E7 Excavator grapple QS60 EC-Oil1780959556251050465 kg
2522Vahva KC36 E7 S60 Excavator grapple1780959556251050465 kg
1911Vahva KC42 E5 NTP10 Excavator grapple195513011308501275580 kg
1534Vahva KC42 E9 NTP10 Excavator grapple195513011308401315720 kg
1813Vahva KC42 E9 NTP20 Excavator grapple195513011308501185780 kg
5017Vahva KC42 E9 Excavator grapple QS70 EC-Oil195513011308501300785 kg
2816Vahva KC42 E9 S70 Excavator grapple195513011308501300755 kg
2385Vahva Demolition jaws KC36 E7195 kg
1535Vahva Demolition jaws KC42 E9336 kg
4263Vahva B15 grapple12158072532573580 kg
4264Vahva C21 grapple134590820375799120 kg
4265Vahva C26 grapple160095940473888230 kg
4642Vahva C36E7 grapple178070955625978368 kg
4639Vahva C42E5 grapple195516511308501125470 kg
4640Vahva C42E9 grapple195516511308501125610 kg
4641Vahva C46E4 grapple200013011805951212450 kg
3889Vahva KC Kuormanlaskuventtiili KC26, 30 ja 3610 kg
4167Vahva KC Kuormanlaskuventtiili KC42 ja KC4610 kg
3890Vahva KC Lukkoventtiili KC2110 kg
2382Vahva Kumipuskin tarrain K158 kg
1219Vahva Kumipuskin tarrain K21-K308 kg
4266Vahva Laippakuppi 49-25-150 for Rotator
5020Vahva B15 gravel jaws 500mm vahvistettu76 kg
2534Vahva C21 gravel jaws 600mm Proto63 kg

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