Mechanical pallet forks

Mechanical pallet forks suit frontloaders, but also other work machines. Strong, high-quality mechanical pallet forks are excellent for contracting and professional use.
Our selection contains pallet forks with lifting capacity 1600-11000 kg. Choose your pallet forks based on the features you need: is your work machine Avant, Volvo, Bobcat, Euro, Tima, Valtra or other, how big is the wanted adjustment range and do you need tilting. We sell pallet forks with adapters for different brands and also without adapters at all.
You can also get used mechanical pallet forks from us, check out the selection and bring your old equipment to swap! By byuing from Latenkone you’ll also get an affordable financing if needed.
You can get to know the machines on our website, or come to see them in Tuuri. If you need any help with choosing pallet forks, contact us and ask for more information.

Mechanical pallet forks suit frontloaders, but also other work machines.…


Kantavuus (kg)
Kelkkaleveys (mm)
Haarukan pituus (mm)
Haarukan koko (mm/mm)
Haarukoiden kiinnitys
908Laten 2000kg pallet fork Bobcat200012001200100×40FEM2A178 kg
5206Laten 2000kg pallet fork Bobcat200012001500100×40FEM2A178 kg
1106Laten 2500kg pallet fork blank250012001200100×40FEM2A143 kg
4927Laten 2500kg pallet fork blank250012001200100×40FEM2B143 kg
4926Laten 2500kg pallet fork blank250012001500100×40FEM2A143 kg
4925Laten 2500kg pallet fork blank250012001500100×40FEM2B143 kg
4854Laten 2500kg pallet fork EURO250015001200100×40FEM2A158 kg
3426Laten 2500kg pallet fork Volvo L30250015001200100×40FEM2A178 kg
4856Laten 2500kg pallet fork EURO250015001500100×40FEM2A158 kg
5297Laten 2500kg pallet fork Volvo L30250015001500100×40FEM2A178 kg

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