Cable buckets

Cable ditch bucket, drainage ditch bucket, water pipe bucket. Narrow buckets have various names based on their purposes.
Narrow, upwards widening shape, long and flat base and long shovel-like tip, which allows to dig under and between bundle cables, is typical for a cable ditch bucket.
Underneath bucket models categorized as cable ditch bucket. If there isn’t any pleasant model, take a look at drain ditch buckets and water pipe buckets.

Cable ditch bucket, drainage ditch bucket, water pipe bucket. Narrow…


Yäleveys mm
Huulileveys mm
Korkeus mm
Syvyys mm
2280Laten Cable bucket 200-280 S30/1502802005706004025 kg
2868Laten Cable bucket 200-280 S30/1802802005706004025 kg
1609Laten Cable bucket 200-280 without coupling2802005706004025 kg
1751Laten Cable bucket 250-380 S30/1503802507107405035 kg
1716Laten Cable bucket 250-380 S30/1803802507107405035 kg
1653Laten Cable bucket 250-380 without coupling3802507107405035 kg
1717Laten Cable bucket 270-420 S404202707808708070 kg
2102Laten Cable bucket 270-420 without coupling4202707808708075 kg
2281Laten Cable bucket 300-450 S4545030010001100140136 kg
3390Rinne Tolppakauha 300-450 S45450300900500100 kg
4619Rinne Cable bucket 270-670 S45670270750
2103Laten Cable bucket 300-600 S4560030010001100140136 kg
4514Terästyö Salminen Cable bucket 300-600 S456003009001000200200 kg
2210Laten Cable bucket 300-600 S45 PG6103008101200135 kg
3036Laten Cable bucket 300-600 S506103008101200135 kg
3109Laten Cable bucket 300-600 S50.60030010001100135 kg
3037Laten Cable bucket 300-600 Lännen LE6103008101200135 kg
4515Terästyö Salminen Cable bucket 300-600 Lännen LE6003001000200200 kg
3039Laten Cable bucket 300-600 GJ3006103008101200146 kg
5892Laten Cable bucket 300-600 GJ3006103008101200152 kg
2104Laten Cable bucket 300-600 without coupling60030010001100140120 kg
3038Laten Cable bucket 300-600 without coupling6103008101200135 kg
2211Laten Cable bucket 300-670 NTP1067030010001400322 kg
2212Laten Cable bucket 300-670 S6067030010001400322 kg
3040Laten Cable bucket 300-670 without coupling67030010001400322 kg
1890Laten Cable bucket 320-700 320L NTP1070032010001100320306 kg
2781Laten Cable bucket 320-700 320L S6070032010001100320306 kg
4516Terästyö Salminen Cable bucket 400-800 NTP1080040010501300450450 kg
4517Terästyö Salminen Cable bucket 400-800 S6080040011001300450450 kg
4518Terästyö Salminen Cable bucket 400-800 S708004001300450450 kg
883Laten Cable bucket 420-800 400L NTP1080042010001100400320 kg
1913Laten Cable bucket 420-800 400L S6080042010001100400320 kg
3034Laten Cable bucket 420-800 400L S7080042010001100400350 kg
2213Laten Cable bucket 430-800 NTP1080043010001400335 kg
2214Laten Cable bucket 430-800 S6080043010001400363 kg
3042Laten Cable bucket 430-800 S7080043010001400369 kg
3041Laten Cable bucket 430-800 without coupling80043010001400352 kg
4519Terästyö Salminen Cable bucket 500-500 NTP1050050010001150300350 kg
4520Terästyö Salminen Cable bucket 500-500 S605005001150300350 kg
3781LMG Cable bucket 350L S6048052010401350350342 kg
4521Terästyö Salminen Cable bucket 500-500 S705005001150300350 kg
4522Terästyö Salminen Cable bucket 500-500 NTP205005001150300350 kg
4524Terästyö Salminen Cable bucket 600-600 NTP20/3060060011001400400530 kg
4523Terästyö Salminen Cable bucket 600-600 S7060060011001400400530 kg

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