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High-quality Sajakorpi sweeper rings from Latenkone rotary brooms and bucket mounted sweepers.

Sweeper rings sizes 5x600, 8x650, 10x810 ja 10x915.

Sweeper amount:

PI-16 33pcs, PI-21 43pcs, PI-25 52pcs, PI-29 61pcs
Shark 250 -pcs Shark 300 41pcs, Shark 330 45pcs,
Shark H 250 34pcs, Shark H 300 41pcs, Shark H 330 -pcsl, Shark H 350 48pcs

BS-155 37pcs, BS-185 41kpcs, BS-210 49pcs, BS-230 54pcs
BSH-230 32pcs, BSH-250 35pcs, BSH-280 40pcs, BSH-300 42pcs

PIW-30 7pcs, PIW-60 9pcs, PIW-80 11pcs, PIW-120 17pcs, PIW-150 20pcs, PIW-200 28pcs, PIW-250 35pcs

The products below are in stock 487 Pcs.